Monday, December 17, 2007

Yikes, 4 Days Flies By

So I went to the Portland Winter Hawks game last night. Man they are terrible. Something like a win-loss ratio of 32-5. 

Some observations. 

1) Hockey fights are awesome. There's something intellectually distasteful about wanting the blood-sport, but at the end of the night it seems like more of a ritual than anything else, and they're fabulously entertaining. 

2) Hockey is fabulously more entertaining when you're watching it live. Ever watch hockey on TV? Just not a lot there unless you're very attached to one team. But live hockey is fast and visceral and just great. 

3) (Minor League) Hockey's target demo is basically cub scouts. Yup, 7 to 12 year old boys eat it up from start to finish. They love everything about a hockey game. They were fun to watch. 

Now I'm watching the Blazers battle for an eight-in-a-row victory against New Orleans. And I care. I think I may have become a dude. Sports? OK, here goes. 

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