Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well. SantaCon 2007 is gone and done. What an adventure. My first SantaCon was a night to remember. 

Here's the recap:

1100: Started at Rock Bottom. While sitting at the bar, a passer-by actually came in and asked my friend and I to take a picture with them. Jesus. 

1200: Skidmore Fountain. There have to be 300 santas here at this point. Also about 15 easter bunnies. Someone just gave me a Budweiser in wrapping paper. 

1300: Captain Ankeny's Well. There are elves outside shouting "What do we want? RIGHTS! When do we want them? SOMETIME SOON, but definitely before Christmas!". Seriously. 

1400: Rialtos. Get a pool table before the flood of Santas. Robot santa is awesome. Chat with folks we met at Ankeny's. Get a phone number, they live in the neighborhood. Sweet. 

1500: Heading to the Waterfront. Hey, a game of Santa Tug-of-war! We win! They're setting up a trebuchet, but we're already off to Jax's rooftop bar for another pint. 

1600: Met up with friends at Jax. There's a girl straddling Santas and posing for photos. I'm not going to discourage her. 

1700: Head to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Photo girl from Jax is now making out with other girl Santas. 

1800: Some bar in "Vaseline Alley". Hey, free booze from a flask. Tastes like honey... mmm. 

1900: We're running through Powells arm-in-arm with other Santas. Powell's people are non-plussed. Powell's people are cool. Also, what does plussed mean?

2000: My friend needs a moment to sit out, lets take a breather

2030: I'm at the Benson Hotel at a corporate christmas party (not mine). No one seems to question your presence when you are Santa. They gave me drinks and yes, they sat on my lap. 

2100: OK, off to Casey's to join the rest of the Santa pack. Down to the dance floor. Hello, who are you? You're freaking cute, I know that. 

2200: Voodoo Donuts. I've merged with a group of new people. Nobody actually bought a donut. Why are we here?

2300: CC Slaughters. Hmm... there seem to be a lot of guys in underwear in here.. oh wait. Santas everywhere. Time to head home soon. 

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