Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Love in the Third Period?

So, I have a first date that'll be (partly) at a Portland Winter Hawks game. Any of the 30 people who have read this so far have an opinion on event dates? Sports and other spectator events in particular? I'll find out the advantages and disadvantages soon enough I suppose. 

Some of you may be aware that American Football is now broadcast in the US under the name "Football Night in America". Fewer of you will realize that this name derives from a long-running program in Canada called "Hockey Night in Canada". 

So I present to you the best hockey song ever written. This is Corb Lund (who has a fantastic new album out called Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! which I can't stop listening too). The original is by Stompin' Tom Connors, a Canadian music legend. 

He actually has a couple different last verses to this song. They're all genius. He does a live cover on at least one of his albums. 

The other lyrics are:

Oh goodness me, FOX TV, where did you get your sight
Can't you keep track, the puck is black, that's why the ice is white!
And that big red glare you see up there, well we've seen that for years, 
for heaven's sakes, all it takes is a couple dozen beers!

Genius. These lyrics reference the old FOX TV broadcasts of NHL hockey where they attempted to highlight the puck traveling across the ice, creating a blurred effect and seriously pissing off Canadian hockey fans. 

Happy Wednesday!

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