Thursday, May 15, 2008

Talk about a hiatus...

So I was looking at my blog... the blog I haven't updated in 4 months. 

I'm sitting the E terminal at PDX waiting for an hour to get on my plane, because I'm that chump that takes the 2-hours early thing seriously. 

I've already started the unwise spending for my weekend to San Francisco. Actually it all started two weeks ago with some serious cash expenditures for my new bike (which, admittedly, is pretty bitchin'). But at the airport, I suddenly became the owner of books by Richard Dawkins and Hugh Laurie. I'll take poncey English quasi-authors for 1000, Alec (alright, Hugh Laurie isn't poncey, but still). 

Anyway. 30 second recap on the last four months. Became a reserve police officer. Bought a condo. Almost sold the Jeep. Kept the Jeep (in defiance of all financial logic). 


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