Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi, Here I Am

Yeah, so, turns out when things get busy, this falls to a lower priority. That's OK with me, it's not like anyone reads this thing anyway. 

But, here I am. It's 0959 on MLK day, I just woke up (which is glorious) and will spend my day studying for my spanish class, writing this, watching the Blazer game, grocery shopping, etc. All at a leisurely pace. Sweet. 

OK, a few things. The Presidential Race: First off, Fred Thompson, please stay in the race as long as you like, because you're jamming up Mike Huckabee's gears. Despite Mike being a pretty convincing populist, he's also clearly taken the crazy-train to crazy town. 

Second, it's nice to see the Democratic race become a two-man (er, person) affair. Obama and Clinton, Clinton and Obama. Finkle and Einhorn. Whomever gets the nod, it's not the worst thing ever, but I'm pulling for the Senator from Illinois. 

I'm about to watch the Blazer game that starts at 1100 PST. I'm hoping for a win here (they won over Atlanta in the pre-season) and some bolstering of our young team's road-wins record. Rip City will be back for sure if Roy, Aldridge, Pryzbilla et. al. make the playoffs. 

Tried to go to 80's Video Dance Attack at Lola's Room this week, but that didn't really work out (abruptly canceled). Instead, I finally went to the Sandy Hut, the Jolly Roger (as an adult) and off again to the Space Room, where I crossed paths with Sarah X Dylan for the third time in basically a week. She likes the place and I live next to it, so I'm really not trying to stalk her. She did comment that she's now "in love" with Metric, who are effectively the greatest band ever. So that's pretty cool. Pretty bizarre that I found them by listening to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) while working at a desk job in the London. My life is neat :)

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