Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Years

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and holy crap there is a lot to talk about). 

OK - First of all, hello Britney Spears going completely off the deep end. We should all take a moment to give thanks that there is this person out there to spice up the front page of CNN every single day. Not to mention the HOURS of entertainment it gives me every week on Rick Emerson's show. Goddamn. 

If you didn't know, the latest incident featured Ms. Spears barricading herself into her bathroom with her baby and a bottle of vodka. The Man came and took her to a hospital, where she's on a medical psych hold. With Britney, the hits just keep on coming. 

Secondly, because I have a blog, I'm obliged to talk about the Iowa caucuses. I really wish Mike Huckabee was not so bent on placing the bible front and center in public policy, because from a taxes and economy standpoint, I like his message. 

Three interesting points: 

Firstly - Notable was the serious disparity in participation in the primaries. The Republican caucus had only half the participants of the Democrats. Even with the supposed evangelical swell of support for Huckabee, the R numbers were dwarfed by the D. A good sign for things to come. 

Second - Ron Paul pulled 10%. I'm fascinated by this guy and his campaign and I'm glad to see the libertarian wing of the R's pulling some strength. 

Third - Clinton. Yikes. I'd hate to have been a manager in her Iowa operation last night. When John Edwards is beating you with his general blah-ness (though I'll admit an impressive resume and message), you have not done what you need to do to sell yourself to the voters of middle-america. A woman will be President in my lifetime. Hillary Clinton, I suspect, will not. 

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